Monopoly Variation Database Project

Including Monopoly board layouts from 26 locales

We need you! Yes- you. Know a Monopoly-like game which isn't listed here? Then submit a record for it. Try this form (most Monopoly-like), this form (somewhat Monopoly-like), this form (for complicated board layouts) or e-mail me with the details.

Monopolybase forms can be processed quickly by Kasoft's Multipoly software, and you may see the results on line in a matter of weeks! Other forms of submission take longer, because the data needs to be collated manually.


The Database

About the Database

Official Editions Catalogue

The official Monopoly editions catalogued by this project so far are from the following locales:

To submit information for a currently unlisted official edition, please use the Official Game Submission Form. If you would like to amend or add to the above records, please submit an Official Game Revision Form.

Unofficial Game Catalogue

There are also some unofficial Monopoly versions and Monopoly-like games catalogued. These are from the following localities:

To submit information for a currently unlisted game, please use the Unofficial Game Submission Form. If you would like to amend or add to the above records, please submit an Unofficial Game Revision Form.

What Is Monopolybase?

The Monopolybase project involves the collation and dissemination of board layout information for various editions and variants of Monopoly. The focus is on official International editions of the game, but submission of other game designs is also encouraged.

Click here to see an example record.

Submitting Records

You are encouraged to submit your own records for games that you know about that have not yet been catalogued, or to submit games that you yourself have invented. A number of forms are provided for this purpose:

Note, however, that these forms require your browser to have been correctly configured to use e-mail, and your browser support the use of e-mail to submit form data. Submit forms one at a time, and wait a couple of days for confrmation after sending the first so that you can be sure that the information is getting through to the site maintainer.

If you have trouble with the forms, save the form pages as text and fill them in manually. These can be sent to the site maintainer. I will assume ISO8859-1 (i.e. standard latin) encoding unless otherwise specified. Remember that mail gateways may mangle accented or foreign characters, so use a MIME encoding or embed HTML glyph tags in your document to ensure that the character set is preserved as indicated.

If you want to submit foreign game information, but do not the understand foregoing description of character sets, a form can be posted to you via snail mail (for you to fill in by hand) if you write to:

Kade Hansson
PO Box 164E
East Devonport 7310

Future Of Monopolybase

Eventually, I would hope to have the vast majority of official editions and unofficial spin-off games catalogued. Also, it'd be nice to see the game idea section flourish with the imaginations of the citizens of the Internet. If you can't have your game published in the real world, at least you can publish it in cyberspace.

Of course, this goal will not be reached without your support, so please submit game descriptions aplenty. I would also welcome any feedback on this project or the web site. Please feel free to e-mail me.

I still have plans to allow records from Monopolybase to be accessed from an interactive Java applet which displays game boards. This applet may eventually be extended to allow the examination of other game elements, and may even provide for on-line playing of games.

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Special thanks are due to David Christopher (United States), who has greatly assisted me in this project. Much additional information has been kindly provided by Albert C Veldhuis (Netherlands), and many thanks are due to him for this. The following people have kindly submitted game records or invented games, and also have my gratitude: