Each Monopolybase record page lists a number of records (called the "query set") from the database according to the query invoked from the main page. For example, this is an abbreviated form of the page called up from the link for Australia under the Official Editions heading. (The current query set for Australia actually consists of two records.)


Official Editions, Australia (SAMPLE ONLY)


The first thing you will see is the designation of the database query set in plain language, and the flag of the locale for that query set. The locale is named using the current (short) name given to the locale- this may have changed since some of the sets catalogued were issued. The flag is always shown in the aspect ratio 4:3 regardless of the correct aspect ratio for the flag. Where the aspect ratio is different from the correct ratio, some elements of the flag may be repositioned to avoid distortion. Some complex elements of the flag may be simplified. Monopolybase is not a flag database, which is why these limitations are imposed.

The next thing you will see is a list of records, each record corresponding to a Monopoly game set. This list is sorted alphabetically by their title or name.

Sometimes information for a record may be missing or wrong- this is particularly the case for the date and manufacturer fields in the title line for each record. You are invited to supply values for these fields if you can, using one or other of the revision forms.