Uno Dice: Yacht Version Rules


  • Place all 24 dice in the dice bag. Each player in turn takes one die out of the bag and rolls it. The player who rolls the highest number (any letters rolled do not count) is the first player also called the STARTING PLAYER.
  • The STARTING PLAYER draws five dice out of the bag and rolls all of them. The player may then take up to two more rolls with her choice of one or more of these five dice. Simply put aside the dice you do not want to roll, and roll the rest. Any of these dice may be rolled in any of your three rolls, except that all five must be rolled on the first roll. NOTE: At any time during your turn you may look at the faces of your dice to see what you might be able to roll.

    At the end of your turn, you must score your exposed dice faces in one of the eleven spaces in your column of the scoring sheet. If you cannot or do not wish to enter a score in any of the eleven spaces, then you must score a zero in your choice of one of the eleven spaces.


    Note that once a space has a zero in it, it cannot be used again during the game.

    Upon completing your turn, put all five dice back in the bag, shake it, and pass it to the next player.

  • SCORING: The dice faces have the following values when scoring:

    0 through 9 = face value
    R, S, D2 = 20 points
    W, WD4 = 50 points

  • TWO OF A KIND, THREE OF A KIND, FOUR OF A KIND: These spaces on the score sheet require that you roll a certain number of dice faces of the same kind. If you are successful you total the values of all five dice rolled. Note that two, three or four dice faces of the same colour does not count as TWO, THREE or FOUR OF A KIND. W and WD4 can be counted as any kind, at the option of the player.


  • SMALL FLUSH, LARGE FLUSH: These spaces require that you roll a certain number of dice faces having the same colour. Four of one colour is a SMALL FLUSH, and five of one colour make up a LARGE FLUSH. A SMALL FLUSH always scores 75 points, and a LARGE FLUSH always scores 150 points. W and WD4 can be counted as any colour, at the option of the player.


  • UNO CHAIN: This space requires that all five of your dice faces can be linked in a chain of five where each die face matches the next one either by colour or kind (as in other Uno games). All five dice faces are totalled for the score.


  • RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, WILD: These five spaces are used to score rolls containing a collection of dice faces of the four different colours or a collection of WILD dice faces. The four colour spaces may only be scored from those dice with that actual colour showing face up- no WILD rolls can be counted as a colour in this part of the scoring. The WILD space may only be scored from those dice with either W or WD4 showing face up.


  • THE WINNER: After eleven rounds of play, the game is over. Total the players' scores on the scoring sheet. The player with the highest total score for that game is the winner.
  • SOLITAIRE VERSION: Game #2 can be played by one player as a solitaire game. The player simply tries to better her highest score each time a game is played.

  • Author and editor: Kade "Archer" Hansson; e-mail:

    Last updated: Sunday 10th January 1999

    Game devised by International Games Limited. Uno is a registered trademark of International Games Limited. All rights reserved.

    This text was adapted from the official IGL Uno Dice Rules.