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Play-K is the label applied to indoor games developed by the Archer. The Play-K library is the collection of games and game information from other manufacturers held by the Archer.

Play-K has existed since the early 1980s, although the first fully documented game was described in the 1987 booklet The Official Illustrated Keckers Rulebook Volume One. The booklet describes variants of the chess-checkers hybrid "Keckers".

In 1990, Play-K developed a special version of Hasbro's Monopoly trading game, the Port Sorell Edition. The streets and landmarks in this game taken from the beach resort towns Port Sorell, Shearwater and Hawley Beach situated on the Rubicon River in Northern Tasmania. Other versions now exist, including the Sandy Bay Edition, where the streets and landmarks are taken from the southern suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania, specifically around the southern campus of the University Of Tasmania in Sandy Bay.

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Play-K Library

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The following are lists of the game sets owned by the Archer, not manufactured by Play-K:

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